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Ideal for anywhere you want water drainage to occur, our 3/4" and 1" Drain Rock are perfectly suited for laying underground pipe, backfilling foundations and retaining walls, as well as constructing French Drains and septic systems. Available in both beautiful, deep blue and light orange colors, our crushed rock is also a first choice for landscaping projects and capping gravel driveways. 
Available in sizes of 1 - 2" and 3 - 6", our deep blue, Round Rock is commonly used for decorative landscaping purposes, like lining pathways, and functionally to improve water drainage.
Zappone Aggregate Processors offers 3 types of sand. The first is a tropical, White Sand perfect for landscaping, beaches, sand boxes, farms, riding arenas as well as a host of other applications. Our Screened Sand is fine enough to bed underground pipes, yet gritty enough to provide traction on icy, winter roads. Highly compactable and easy to work with, our C Sand offers a finer alternative to comparable minus products.
Appropriate for anywhere compaction is required, our Minus Products—available in 3/4”, 1", 3" and 5" minus—are routinely used for road bases, ranging from driveways to highways. For all available sizes, Zappone Aggregate Processors offers both non-spec and spec materials (compliant with either municipal or federal regulations) to best suit your project's needs. 
Enriched with organics like manure and woodchips, our nutrient dense, fertile Topsoil is well-suited for applications such as gardening, turf installation and improving soil drainage.
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